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Welcome to RPG Next Gen

This site offers some resources for working with the programming language RPG (native on IBM System i) and Java. IMHO IBM has done a poor job so far providing the RPG programming community with any decent software development kit for RPG compared to the Java Development Kit offered by Sun (and now Oracle) to the java community. Some people now might argue that IBM has done a great job by providing WDSCi and now RDi and EGL. But perhaps this is comparing apples with pears. Anyway ... where is the solution?

Solutions ?

One thing is clear ... there is no current adhoc solution to it. I'm trying to make life a little bit easier for the RPG developers and offer some resources.

If any of these resources has helped you in any way and you want to let me feel your appreciation of my work feel free to drop me a mail or even make a donation via Paypal.

Thanx anyway and good surfing.


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