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Welcome to RPG Next Gen

This site offers some resources for working with the programming language RPG (native on IBM i), Node.js and Java.


My most recent endeavor is a dashboard for ILEastic web services written with and for ILEastic consisting of an RPG backend and an Angular frontend. You can find it at iledash.rpgnextgen.com.


DMS - Demonstrate My Style - tries to give you a helping hand developing your own coding style.


As I have some ILE open source projects it has always been a little trouble installing the software on a new machine especially when you just need one project but that has a dozen dependencies. So why not have some tool to install software and its dependencies with just one command? That is the goal of the iPKG project.

Update: I am hosting a repository of packages containing the software projects from this site and some additional software from other sites. You can find this repository at repo.rpgnextgen.com.


I once started the ILEDocs project on Sourceforge. I switched to Bitbucket. As most ILE open source programs don't have an API documentation available on their website I try to consolidate these API documentations here at iledocs.rpgnextgen.com.


One of my new side projects is an Android app for viewing code, online and offline. It supports viewing and downloading the code from IBM i QSYS filesystem and the IFS. But it also supports the more mainstream soure code repositories like Git. Check it out at codenotes.rpgnextgen.com.

And the best thing is you can extend the app the way you like because it is open source. You can get the source code at Bitbucket.org.

If any of these resources has helped you in any way and you want to let me feel your appreciation of my work feel free to drop me a mail or even make a donation via Paypal.

Thanx anyway and good surfing.