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Online Resources

Here are some good resources on the web for working on the System i platform.

IBM i Documentation

The IBM i Documentation is a well of information. Sometimes it is hard to find the information one seeks because of the mass of content.

IBM Redbooks

The IBM Redbooks are a high-quality documentation delivered by IBM.

Application Server for RPG (AppServer4RPG)

This is an open source project which lets your RPG programs talk to Java applications through the use of data queues. It can be found at AppServer4RPG.Sourceforge.net. The project leader is Dieter Bender.


This is an open source site which contains many different programs and service programs, most notably WSDL2RPG, Log4RPG and the underestimated BASICS1 service program. The site is maintained by Thomas Raddatz.

Scott Klement's site

Scott Klement has done some great tutorials and programs about IFS, i5/OS API, socket programming and a port of the eXpat XML Parser which can be found at his homepage.