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Offline Resources

Here are some resources for downloading.


The compression library zlib is a standard library when it comes to compression. It has a great multiplatform support and even comes with binder source and prototypes for RPG. Only the compilation was not that straightforward. This is the reason for this entry. At the download section is an archive file with a Makefile for IBM i. So you only got to extract the archive file on the IBM i server, adjust the Makefile to your environment (destination library and include folder) and execute "make". Finished!

CCSID conversion script

This script will convert all files in a folder to the specified CCSID. Syntax: convert.sh folder ccsid

./convert.sh llist 37

This script is a shell script. It should be placed somewhere in the IFS (root or QOpenSys filesystem). The executable bit should be set on the file (chmod +x convert.sh).

You can check the CCSID of a file with the command ls -S.

Makefiles seems to need a none EBCDIC CCSID. So my default is to set a CCSID of 819. This script does it automatically regardless of the CCSID you pass as a parameter.

ILEDocs at COMMON Germany Annual Conference 2009

On my first attendence to a COMMON Annual Conference I also had my first session as a speaker. The topic: Documentation with ILEDocs (in german).

Package Management for System i

As it would be great to have some software like apt-get for System i I have started with some conceptional work for it. It is available as a PDF document . It would be nice to get some feedback.

GLib for iSeries

IBM was kind enough to port the GLib library to the iSeries. For those who don't know:

GLib is a lower-level library that provides many useful definitions and functions. A number of data structures (and their related operations) are also defined, including memory chunks, doubly-linked lists, singly-linked lists, hash tables, strings (which can grow dynamically), string chunks (groups of strings), arrays (which can grow in size as elements are added), balanced binary trees, N-ary trees, quarks (a two-way association of a string and a unique integer identifier).

The ported version (1.2.2) is a little behind the current version (2.x).

Here are the prototypes for the doubly-linked list and the hash table. They are not complete but already quite usable.

The service program can be retrieved from the IBM site.

A tutorial and the API documentation can be found at the gnome web site.

RPG as a Web Service Client

Here is a (german) tutorial for programming and testing a web service client in RPG. The Apache Software Projects Tomcat and Axis are used for the web service provider.